Monday, December 4, 2006

Types of GOOGLIGION meditation

I practice several vays for meditation in GOOGLIGION:

At the first, I make meditation before turn-on my computer, before work and pray in the internet.

At the second, I make meditation when open before type my query andp press 'Enter'.

At the third, I make meditation when look at results of my search query in the Google.

The Google (as company) give me a tool for supplying with the GOD's will. And the GOD's wiil demonstrate me in order of links. This liks are answers on my meditation questions, help me in interpretation the GOD's voice...

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Through GOOGLE in googligion

Some meditation take me and run me.
Every time as I try to use GOOGLE's services I thein about GOD.
The GOD take me significant of this world. And when the GOD want to attract my attention to really considerable things, He through GOOGLE give me it as a result of GOOGLE seach. It's a really meditation -- mteditation on the GOD and on the WORLD. Through GOOGLE in my googligion.

Friday, December 1, 2006

googligion: Google isn't company

Now I try to describe subject of this note.
As I guess, it's a prinsipal conception in GOOGLIGION, in GOOGLIGION mistic expirience.
We don't to be deluded: we don't deify google as company.
I feel that google as complex of services, symbols and abilities for GOD's manifestation.
Of cource we hold in high respect for the google company and Page & Brin, but we turn
our cognition on GOD throught GOOGLE potentialities.

In Another words, every time as we use GOOGLE, we must use it as case for serving God.
For example, I use meditation tool.